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Cool Screen Capture Inc. is dedicated to the development of professional digital and multimedia solutions. We provide both professional technique and intuitive interface software for our customers.
There are many professional engineers working for our company. Our team of members has designed a set of capturing image and video software and screen capture software.
In order to offer our customers the best applications, we will continuously upgrade our products. Customer satisfaction is primary concern of us, if you have any problem, contact us.

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As soon as you make your order, our resellers will verify it. The registration key will be automatically generated at our server and e-mailed to you immediately when we receive payment confirmation from our e-commerce reseller. We are dedicated to give customers the best service. We will try our best to solve the customers' problem as soon as possible!

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Cool Screen Capture Inc.
2836 S Granada St
Talbott TN 37882
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Cool Screen Capture dedicates us to provide our customers with safe, effective, innovative screen capture. We still offer the money-back guarantee to our customers.
This Cool Screen Capture only need: $22.99

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User Testimonials
This program is easy to use and completely effective.
- Zane
Easy to use, vivid interface, integration with recorder.
- Saber